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Bearco Training is a firearms education and consulting company that was established in 2009 to provide realistic defensive training to those interested in personal defense and active shooter response. We target our training to the responsible person who has a strong interest in home defense or personal defense in the public space…wanting to protect those you care about. We offer a variety of defensive shooting courses for the novice to the advanced. We also offer Louisiana’s concealed handgun permit certification course as well as the CCW certification course for other states.

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  • Louisiana’s Constitutional Carry Bill Fails in 2023 Legislative Session
    Introduction: We regret to inform you that Louisiana’s constitutional carry bill, which aimed to allow law-abiding adults to carry concealed handguns without a permit, has unfortunately failed to pass in the state’s 2023 legislative session. This outcome has left many supporters of Second Amendment rights disheartened. It is essential that we continue to fight for … Read more
  • Louisiana CHPs have been added to the LA Wallet App
    Louisiana Concealed Carry Permit holders have reason to celebrate as the state police recently announced that the permit will now be part of the LA Wallet app. This app is the official digital identification holder for the state of Louisiana, and it allows users to store a digital copy of their driver’s license, state ID, … Read more
  • Glock Switches and Failed Gun Control
    Gun control has been a topic of debate for many years. Despite efforts to control the sale and use of firearms, incidents of violence involving guns continue to occur. Recently, there has been discussion surrounding the use of Glock switches, a part that can be swapped out into a handgun and convert it from semi-automatic … Read more
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