Active Shooter Response

Active shooters and spree killer events aren’t new, but the frequency of them has increased plenty over the past 20 years. We shouldn’t be paranoid, however we should be educated about them and learn what best to do during an active killer type event. The vast majority of these situations are over within a few minutes, before law enforcement has a chance to respond.

During our 3-4 hour seminar, we cover the fundamentals of what it takes to prepare, how to survive during the event, and how to give medical care during the aftermath. This is a physically hands on course and doesn’t involve shooting of live firearms.

Topics We May Cover:

  • History of Active Shooter Events
    • Dept Homeland Security Analysis
  • The Response Plan
    • Evade/Run
    • Barricade/Hide
    • Respond/Fighting back
  • Immediate Casualty Care
  • Simulation Training
  • Aftermath

We also offer this seminar in a few different formats that fit well for private corporate events. It is also offered specifically to educational facilities, places of worship, and other entities through our sister company Defender School.


  • Note-Taking Materials
  • Athletic|Comfortable Clothing
  • Questions


4 Hr Public Course: $100

Course Eligibility:

General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security
All ability levels are welcome to train, though we recommend ages 15+ for this course do to sensitive material and physical activity.

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