Defensive Handgun 102

Our Advanced Pistol Handling courses are designed to expand the skills and context that is covered in our Defensive Handgun 101 courses. This course is offered in different formats that best fit the contextually appropriate skills to be taught. The Advanced Pistol course is a physically and mentally challenging. It will take the student’s confidence level up a notch, when it comes to protecting themselves with a firearm.

Topics We May Cover:

  • Realtime Malfunction Clearing
  • Reloading the Handgun with only One Hand (Strong and Weak Hands)
  • Clearing Malfunctions with One Hand (Strong and Weak Hands)
  • Presentation from the Holster in 360 degrees Around the Body
  • Unorthodox Shooting Positions (grounded, seated)
  • Shooting Around Cover & Concealment (Vehicles and Other Structures)
  • Unreasonable Distance Shooting
  • Extreme Precision

Students will typically fire about 400 rounds during a 1-day course or about 800 over a two day course.

Required Gear:

  • Your defensive handgun
  • At least 3 magazines for double-stack, 5 for single-stack handguns
  • 500 rounds of ammunition per day of training
  • A good quality, rigid holster that allows for one-handed re-holstering. If you need to borrow one, we need to know prior to the course.
  • A way to carry spare magazines on your person (a pocket is fine)
  • Ear and Eye Protection


1 Day: $250
2 Day: $350

Course Eligibility:

General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security
Prior completion of one of our Defensive Handgun 101 courses is mandatory.

Upcoming Events:

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