Defensive Handgun 360 FoF

The Home Defense 360 and Concealed Carry 360 courses are designed to take a student’s training to the next level, by placing them in real-world realistic scenarios with trained role players. These are “thinking courses” with a Force-on-Force aspect that is used to put you in a very realistic scenario to pressure test skills.

How well will you be able to apply those skills in a real-life scenario involving role players and non-lethal paint marking cartridges in a realistic 360° shoot house? High-level scenario training forces you to process information and make decisions before and while applying complex skills.

The 360 series of courses are usually offered in two different contexts, In and Around the Home, and In the Public Space.

Topics We May Cover:

  • Physical Security of the House
  • Home Defense Fundamentals
    • Principles that can be applied in many different situations
  • Staging Firearms
  • Preventing a Confrontation
  • Interacting with Threats
  • Interacting with Police
  • Cover, Concealment, Angles & Exposures
  • Armed Movement Inside the Home
  • Movement to Cover & Evasion
  • Shooting from the Inside of a Vehicle
  • Shooting in crowded environments
  • Tactics for Concealed Carry
    • Dealing with Family Members
    • Aftermath & Contacting the Police
  • Low Light Fundamentals
  • Home Defense Scenarios
  • Public Environment Scenarios

We use only non-lethal training ammunition or air-soft during this course. All personal weapons will be required to be secured outside of the training environment. The NLTA converted firearms, ammo and required personal protection equipment will be provided and is included in the price of the course. You will need to bring/wear long sleeve clothing and a hooded type sweatshirt if you have one.


1 Day: $285

Course Eligibility:

General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security
Prior completion of one of our Defensive Handgun 100, 101, 102 courses is mandatory.

Upcoming Dates:

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