Unarmed Response to an Active Shooter Event

School is back in session, but just before it started back, I spent a few days with the entire staff and faculty of a school in the area. My goal for the course was to prepare them to make better decisions and to leave them with a proactive plan they could use in the event of a worse-case situation of an active killer event. Often times, I find people trying to create a plan that only works under certain situations…thinking that it would happen they way they imagine it. The fact is, we don’t get this much control. The person(s) who plans and attacks gets most of the control. Whether it’s home defense or defense against an active shooter in an unfamiliar place, you need to focus your training on concepts and principles, rather than having the perfect answer of a single problem.

Our training sessions included information on the before, during and aftermath of the event. Students in this course quickly learned most of the information and skills taught also apply to many aspects of life. This program also includes hands-on learning for the fight, as well as providing pre-hospital care during the aftermath. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting this active shooter seminar at your place of business, church or school.

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