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10 reasons you need a concealed carry permit.

  1. Permit holders are allowed to carry under reciprocity agreements in LA and ย 37 other states.
  2. Permit holders can carry within 1000 feet of school property (federal and state law requires a permit). Many municipalities are covered by these firearm-free zones.
  3. Permit holders are allowed to conceal weapons other than handguns, such as knives.
  4. Permit holders now get civil immunity in Louisiana for using force.
  5. Permit holders can bypass background checks when purchasing firearms through FFL dealers.
  6. Permit holders can carry on some federal properties, such as national forest properties (not inside buildings).
  7. Permit holders can carry loaded handguns in state parks or wildlife management areas.
  8. Permit holders are perceived by juries as more responsible due to the training received.
  9. Permit holders have a better chance of understanding the law and not going to prison.
  10. Permit holders are often more mentally and physically prepared to handle defensive situations due to the training and education they receive.

Ready to apply for a Louisiana concealed carry permit? There is a reason we have such positive reviews from our previous LA customers who have taken our Online Concealed Carry Classย to apply for the LA CHP. Experience the flexibility of our online course tailored for optimal learning. Engage with lessons and quizzes at your convenience, whether back-to-back lessons or in shorter bursts. ย Plus, with 2 years of extended access post-completion, revisit and refresh your knowledge anytime.

๐ŸŽฏ Louisiana State Compliant: Dive into a course that doesn’t just meet but exceeds the Louisiana State Police requirements. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you have the knowledge you should have before applying for a permit and carrying a firearm for personal defense.

๐ŸŽฅ Engaging Online Content: Harness the power of flexible learning with our online concealed carry class! Our intuitive e-learning platform bursts with dynamic video lessons, quizzes, and real-life scenarios, priming you for various self-defense situations. Study at your own rhythm, and keep these invaluable resources at your fingertips for up to 2 years.

๐Ÿ“– Tailored for Louisiana: Navigate Louisiana’s laws with confidence. We provide in-depth coverage of Louisiana’s unique firearm laws, ensuring you have the knowledge to navigate the legal landscape confidently.

๐Ÿ”ซ Expert-Led Learning: Elevate your skills with guidance from a seasoned firearms instructor, finely attuned to Louisiana’s laws, safety protocols, and self-defense intricacies.

๐Ÿง  Bite-Sized Learning Advantage: Compared to enduring a full course day, studying in shorter bursts can significantly enhance information retention, making the learning experience both more effective and memorable

๐Ÿ›ก Money Back Assurance: Much like fingerprints, no two courses are identical. While the titles may sound similar, the depth, expertise, and effectiveness can vary immensely. We’re proud of our course, but we want you to be too. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, reach out within 30 days of receipt, and we’ll ensure your investment is returned.

๐ŸŽ Exclusive Bonuses:

  • ๐Ÿ“š Stay Alive Home Defense Tactics Course: Enrich your defensive strategy with this bonus course! Worth $49, you’ll receive it absolutely free upon enrolling in our online concealed carry class.
  • ๐Ÿ› Exclusive Discount Codes: Secure your gear without breaking the bank. Our exclusive discount codes grant you special prices on holster companies, medical supplies, Taser Energy Weapons, and various other shooting-related equipment. The codes vary from 10-30% off.

Our e-learning fee covers the classroom content. After finishing the online portion, you can sign up for the live-fire range qualification. We provide both weekday and weekend sessions for this. The $35 fee for the shooting qualification also covers the range costs. Completing both the e-learning and range sessions is necessary to receive the certification for the Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit.

If you are not local to us, we have partnered with several other ranges and instructors around the state to make the process as seamless as possible for you. We currently have qualification locations arranged in these cities but are adding more quickly.

The course is limited to a single person per email address. The course includes a certification; therefore, each person must complete the course individually for time tracking and certificate purposes.

If you would prefer a traditional in-person course, then we have available options on the website at

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June 6, 2024

I think yโ€™all for just letting me take yโ€™all class and be a part of it

Travis (verified owner)
June 5, 2024

Course was very good, it was nice to be able to complete at my leisure instead of a marathon in a class. My wife and I both took the course and we each had different experiences with the computer. Same machines at the same time but mine was flawless and she seemed to have some kind of electronic corruption. All worked out.

Michael (verified owner)
June 4, 2024

The narrator does not sugar coat the use of firearms. He presents a wealth of knowledge in an organized fashion.

Becky (verified owner)
June 1, 2024

This course is very informative. it shows the importance of firearm safety and knowledge and to go further. Show great video illustrations on the topics.

Nathan (verified owner)
May 27, 2024

This was a great course. It was very in-depth and covered far more than common in-person sessions from other instructors.

Christopher (verified owner)

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