Introduction of Defensive Handgun Course for Personal Carry

Bearco Training recognizes the training gap between new shooters and traditional defensive shooting courses. We are now offering a full day, eight hour Introduction to Defensive Handgun course.

Our intro course is great for someone who has obtained a permit for concealed carry or who keeps a firearm for defensive use and has not received any other formal training.

This is a balanced course, covering topics that better prepare you for using a handgun during a defensive confrontation. The full course description can be found under the services tab.

Introduction of Defensive Handgun Course for Home Defense

The Introduction to Defensive Handguns Course for Home Defense is designed to educate the student about the handguns that are best for personal defense and how to use them efficiently in the context of a home defense scenario.

This course is designed for those new to firearms or experienced shooters who are interested in learning specifically about using a handgun for personal defense.

Real life scenario based training

Bearco Training desires to offer the best training solutions for our students in the context of defensive shooting. We want to help our students succeed if and when the need arises. In order to make this possible, we are now offering scenario based training.

The importance of scenario based training has been proven time and time again because we are able to evaluate our skills under stress, and we are able to build templates to allow the brain to respond more efficiently during a violent encounter.

As Louisiana’s only certified range program to offer force-on-force training with Simunition FX products, we bring new scenario based force-on-force training to fit the needs and goals of our customers.

Our scenario based force-on-force courses will include Vehicle Defense, Home Invasion Defense, and other options for evaluating our skills learned in Bearco Training defensive firearm shooting courses.

Corporate Training Events

Educate and motivate employees with life-saving defensive firearm skills. From group concealed carry permit certification courses to force on force scenario based training, come join Bearco with a day of shooting.

Weekday Concealed Handgun Permit Certification Courses

Bearco Training is now offering private courses during the week.

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