Stay Alive Home Defense Tactics Course

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How to Stay Alive Home Defense Tactics with Barret Kendrick

Course Description: Protecting our home and loved ones is a fundamental instinct. With increasing concerns about safety and security, understanding home defense has never been more crucial. This comprehensive online course, led by the renowned expert Barret Kendrick, offers a deep dive into the five proactive fundamentals of home defense.

Explore the crucial aspects of:

  1. Evading the Threat: Learn the art of quickly and safely getting away from potential dangers in the comfort of your home.
  2. Barricading: Understand techniques to make it exponentially more challenging for any attacker to inflict harm.
  3. Communication: Understand who we should be communicating with during a home invasion, and how to do it correctly.
  4. Arming as an Option: Owning a firearm is only one small piece of a home defense plan.
  5. Responding with Force: As a last resort, know when and how to respond decisively and protectively.


Who Is This Course For? Any personal resident, whether a homeowner or otherwise, looking to bolster their safety knowledge and be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances, like a home invasion


About The Instructor: Barret Kendrick has taught this exact content at instructor-development levels across the United States, he brings a wealth of expertise, practical insights, and proven techniques to ensure you’re getting the very best guidance available.


Course Features:

  • Duration: 25 minutes of comprehensive, video-based lessons.
  • Completion Certificate: Upon completion, students will receive a digital certificate, adding a valuable asset to their training records.





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